Gunnison Copper will conduct its operations with an environmental ethos that embodies responsible planning and management. From the earliest exploration work, to extraction operations, to the final reclamation, Excelsior is committed to conducting business in a manner that meets or, whenever possible, exceeds regulatory standards and guidelines.

Regulatory Oversight

Gunnison Copper will work with Cochise County, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and all other regulatory agencies to obtain the necessary permits. This process will involve an exhaustive review of the operating and closure plans. The project will not proceed unless it is deemed to be safe. During extraction, all Gunnison Copper activities will be continually monitored to ensure the project is meeting all regulatory requirements.

Post Extraction Reclamation

Following the completion of extraction operations, the property will be reclaimed in compliance with state and federal regulations. Reclamation is achieved by using the delivery and recovery wells to rinse the host rock with water.  Water is recycled with the use of a water treatment facility including a reverse osmosis plant. Reclamation is an on-going process that mirrors the life of mine. Once groundwater quality has been restored, the wells will be sealed off below ground level and covered with native soils and vegetation. Project buildings, facilities and infrastructure will all be removed.

A detailed reclamation and mine closure plan must be approved by the State of Arizona before the Gunnison Copper Project can start in-situ extraction operations. Arizona law also requires sufficient bonding and insurance be set in place to responsibly close and reclaim the project site during any stage of its operating life.